You are so cool, warm and inspiring! You share so much of yourself, invite us in and create that good interaction between you. Very, very good. Nourishing for the soul.



You cooperate incredibly well and there is a fantastic flow between you. Awesome team! I would definitely recommend this course to my friends, both those who like to write and those who do not, because this is about more than writing.



Wish I could hear their beautiful voices once every day. I have experienced awareness of my longings, through what you have said and the people I have connected with this weekend.



I just love this way of learning. You set a safe and inspiring framework throughout the course by giving of yourself and sharing your own experiences and wisdom.



Try this if you are interested in combining soul work and writing! You get better at writing real.



You make it so easy and easy, both to understand, to be with, to feel good enough, to talk to you!



I am so grateful that I am so privileged to have attended this workshop with these two beautiful and wise women.



Definitely to recommend. A journey away and home.



I am very happy with their description of the quantum field and how we get back what we send out. A very good and spacious teaching that takes away the pressure, expectations and the critic – and thus gives freedom to explore writing in confidence.



You created a room of security and hospitality. The program is serious and inspiring.



Thanks for another great course! The courses have meant a lot to me and the way I live my life. I’ve become much more conscious of everything around me now than I was before; how the rays from the sun hit the ground, the colors of the flowers on the roadside, smells and tastes.

Vigdis S.


I liked the whole sentence on the course, it was composed and comfortable. I felt safe and free. I had never written from the inside before, but this weekend I wrote mass, with power and passion, sadness and despair, in other words: energy!

Eva M.


I had no experience in writing. I was locked in my creativity, so it was really a revelation for me to be on course with you. I feel I have opened my creativity. The climate in the group was wonderfully warm and warm.

Sol G.


It has been a bleak weekend that has set in motion a lot that takes time to digest, bring to life. I really liked the mix of conveying the substance in plenary and working inward in my own material. And I liked the mood you created.

Anne-Kari C.


I have had great pleasure in the whole course. I am on a journey in myself and the course has taught me a lot about myself, both what is in me and what I can work on. Going out on the edge exercise was a very special experience.

Anne Merete R.


I came across Listen Bear (written by Merle Levin) audio book which resonated with me instantly, I found myself forwarding the link to all my friends and family the minute I heard it. I have played it to my daughter nights on end and she falls asleep to it every single time, it’s real magic and with such a beautiful message. I often find myself wanting to listen to it again and again as an adult, it’s definitely not just for children. Merle has a powerful way of telling the story, listen you won’t regret it and I too hope you find it as beautiful as my daughter and I.
The book has been distributed to a million children in refugee camps, there is an actual book that is sold with an actual listen bear and all funds go to charity. What a gift!

Roxanne Harley