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For the past 16 years I have been teaching together with my Norwegian colleague, Kristin Flood. Together we have developed a wide scope of workshops and courses, always with the mandate to use our tool of this mysterious writing process, to assist people to connect to their authentic “writing voice“.

 We have used the mix of Norwegian and English; the polarities of North and South; the differences of our personalities and backgrounds to enrich the learning field.

The story of our meeting has mythical undertones. It was born out of a blend of indigenous wisdom and the courage to explore new landscapes both inner and outer. We found each other through the gentle prod of a shamanic African medicine man, a Sangoma, who read in the animal bones he threw, that I would work in Norway and that this portended a change of life direction for me. He was right. I left the session with him and called the only Norwegian I had ever met, a writer like myself, who I had met in Cape Town while she spent a 6 month sojourn at the tip of Africa with her young son. I called her in Venice where she lived and told her of my unusual session. Then said “What do you think Kristin?” She laughed and did not take too long to say “Let’s try an experiment”.

 “Write your way in”

We took a great leap of faith and decided to try to teach a workshop together in Oslo. This was 2002. The rest as they say…is history. Thousands of our students have joined our journey of self-discovery – through “Write your way in” workshops;cultural immersion, “Write and Travel” workshops in Venice, the French Pyrenees, and South Africa; “Write and Spa” retreats in Italy and our “Caos Calmo” Silent Retreats in Italy and Norway.  Always is the undergirding message: You are born to this discovery of your truth; use the tool of writing to refine your sense of who you are by discovering your “original voice.”

To say that I am deeply grateful for Kristin Flood’s dedication to this journey is an understatement.  I feel we have opened worlds to each other and have discovered how to mix oil and water into a froth of inspiration for others. This has been the meme of each new workshop we’ve created together. If it works, great, if not we’ll try something else – anything we can think of to help people come home to the truth of themselves. Every workshop we teach is new and reworked to include the most current inner work we are each doing on ourselves.


We have both studied meditation for many years with great masters and are currently enrolled in MBSR programs that will give us certification to teach this approach.

“You are so cool, warm and inspiring! You share so much of yourself, invite us in and create that good interaction between you. Very, very good. Nourishing for the soul.”


Upcoming Courses

Be Your Truth Seminar


TIME: Friday March 5th 19:00- 21:00, Saturday March 6th , Sunday March 7th 9:00- 16:00
PLACE: Online
COST – South Africa: R2800 (Payable via EFT only)
COST – Rest Of The World: 150 GBP (Payable via Paypal only)

Online Course

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction: An Intensive, 8 Week, Online Course

TIME: Wednesdays 19:00 – 21: 30
PLACE: Online
COST: R4500 (South African Residents) or 225 GBP (Payable via Paypal)

Caos Calmo

Silence Retreat
At A Monastery In Italy

Silence. Even Exploration. Mindfulness.
These are the tools we offer you to discover who you really are.

LOCATION: We live in a beautiful monastery for just over an hour outside of Venice where we are guests of a small group of contemplative nuns. In a unique atmosphere we find peace and explore our own inner landscape. The retreat is open to both women and men.
FLIGHT: We recommend landing in Venice, Marco Polo airport. Shared bus transport to and from the monastery.

Write Your Way In At A Spa In Italy

Abano, Italy

A writing retreat in a spa-monastery with Kristin Flood and Merle Levin. An invitation to an experience of sensuous relaxation and self-renewal at all levels – body, mind and spirit.

Imagine yourself soaking in the thousand-year-old, thermal waters, just an hour from the beauty of Venice. Taking time to connect to your stories, your creativity, the deep currents of your soul.

LOCATION : Abano / Italy

Write Your Way In


You are invited to dive into a life-changing weekend, focusing on the power of what free and spontaneous writing can open up in you. This is not your everyday writing course.  This is an immersion into writing and self-enquiry tools that will help you unlock your soul; connect to “your one wild and precious life” – to quote the words of poet Mary Oliver.

LOCATION: The charging station, Tønsberg Brygge. 


Log Off and Charge Up

A Silent Retreat in
the Mountains of Norway

Log off from your hectic everyday life, from interruptions, inquiries and questions. In this beautiful landscape and together with others seeking harmony and silence, you can relax, explore the deepest and most beautiful in you and bring forth new powers.

LOCATION: Nøsen Mountain Hotel and Yoga Center, Nøsen.

Write And Pilgrimage


Journalist og forfatter Kristin Flood inviterer, i samarbeid med Merle Levin, sørafrikansk forfatter, antropolog og storyteller, til et originalt skrivekurs. Dette er en kombinasjon av kreativ skriving og selv-utforskning, der deltakerne gjennom å øke bevisstheten om sitt eget indre liv får større tilgang på sin kreativitet. Kontakten åpnes til den unike opplevelsen som kalles FLOW – kreativ fl yt.

DATE: So far, no date has been set.

With Leonardo’s Gaze

With Leonardo’s Look – Art & Writing

Leonardo Da Vinci – utpekt av en rekke anerkjente universiteter som det største geniet gjennom tidene. Men hvem var egentlig mannen bak verdens mest berømte maleri, Mona Lisa – et lite portrett som hele verden strømmer til Louvre for å se? Hva gjør Leonardo til en unik skikkelse i historien? Og hva avslører tekstene hans om personligheten?

DATE: So far, no date has been set.
LOCATION : Mirano / Venice.

Write Your Way In

Oslo, Norway

Veilederne og forfatterne Kristin Flood og Merle Levin inviterer deg til en helg med fokus på hva skrivingen kan åpne opp i oss. Du lærer å bruke skrivingen både som et kreativt uttrykk og som verktøy for personlig utvikling. Tilnærmingen til skriveprosessen er unik. Metoden de bruker er original. Dette kurset er en opplevelse snarere enn et vanlig skrivekurs.


DATE: So far, no date has been set.
LOCATION : Oslo / Norway.

Pyrenees Writing Workshop 

At The Foothills Of A Sacred Mountain 

For over 10 years many of you have been asking us a repeating question: “When are you going to hold another workshop in the Pyrenees?” We have also longed to return to this region of France since our previous workshops, where we were deeply inspired by the story of the Cathars, the story of Mary Magdalene, the story of the Templars and the Holy Grail.

DATE:   So far, no date has been set.
LOCATION:  Montsegur, French Pyrenees

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