Write your way in at a spa in Italy

A writing retreat in a spa-monastery with Kristin Flood and Merle Levin. An invitation to an experience of sensuous relaxation and self-renewal at all levels – body, mind and spirit.

Imagine yourself soaking in the thousand-year-old, thermal waters, just an hour from the beauty of Venice. Taking time to connect to your stories, your creativity, the deep currents of your soul.

Abano, Italy



Abano, Italy

Welcome to a unique writing workshop where we combine wellness and spa treatments with writing. Take care of your body in the morning and join in the teaching sessions after lunch. If you are working on a writing project, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in your own writing process in the relaxing and quiet environment. We will stay in a beautiful Benedictine monastery in the Abano Terme spa center. The area is known as one of the country’s best spa spots where many come from far away for health-giving mud baths with mineral-rich spring water coming straight up from the earth.

The writing retreat will be open to both Norwegian and English-speaking participants. The teaching will be in Norwegian and in English. For the Norwegians, all the writing exercises will be in Norwegian.

Abano Terme is one of the oldest and most famous spa areas in Italy. It is located in the volcanic Eugenian Hills close to Padova, where the water is highly mineralized. In
the monastery you can see one of the many wells where the hot volcanic water bubbles up from its underground source. Walking around in the small town, you can see the steam rising from the hot water canals. The Water and the mud extracted from this area is famous for having therapeutic benefi t. When relaxing in the baths or having treatments with mud, the body absorbs minerals and the skin gets nourished. The ‘cures’ benefi t the blood circulation, reduce body toxins and have a cleansing and revitalizing effect. Heat packs are used to relieve muscular and arthritic pain. The treatments at this spa are affordable, all given by highly trained staff. For the Fango and inhalation treatments it is necessary to have a private consultation with one of the doctors at the spa. The mineral-rich, detoxifying mud baths called ‘Fango’ – the Italian word means mud – have been used since ancient Roman times to draw out toxins from skin and body. Documents from 354 AD confi rm that there were 952 spas situated in the Rome area.

Kristin and Merle know the famous Abano Terme area very well. Kristin lives half an hour away and has used this facility for many years, both the pools and the treatments.
She recently stayed in this monastery for a week’s silent retreat and they both visited this venue last spring. Merle has, in a previous career, been a consultant to some of the premier health spa’s in Canada. She found this to be a simple but great facility, with well trained therapists and the food delicious and healthy. They both agree that this is a perfect venue for the body/soul retreat they have been thinking about for years.

Since 2002, Kristin Flood and Merle Levin have held “Write your Way In” workshops and retreats in scenic locations like Venice, a monastery at the foothills of the Italian
Alps, the French Pyrenees, South Africa, Sicily and in various cities in Norway. Both Kristin and Merle are published authors. Kristin has published five books with major Norwegian editors, about personal development and spiritual growth. One of them, ‘Amor Fati’ from 2002, became a bestseller within a few weeks after the launch. She started her personal process thirty years ago combining therapeutic work with meditation, which is still ongoing. Working as a journalist for the main daily newspaper in Norway, Aftenposten, along with her deep curiosity, brought her in contact with leading international authors of spiritual books and various spiritual teachers.

Merle started her spiritual journey together with her husband of 49 years, the famous energy healer and teacher Jeff Levin. She has studied meditation and spiritual development with many teachers and has lectured and facilitated workshops worldwide. She has written books about the San Bushman culture in Southern Africa and children’s books aimed at developing the child’s relationship with meditation and the spiritual part of existence. The book “Listenbear” is purchased by Redd Barna International and World Vision International and translated into a variety of languages and is distributed to children in refugee camps.

If you want to visit Venice before or after the writing retreat, Kristin can suggest accommodation. http://www.mypersonalvenice.com.

The Program

In the mornings there will be time for treatments, but also for morning meditation, teaching and writing. In the afternoons the group will gather for a combination of self
awareness exercises and individual writing time. During the day there will also be time to explore the beauty of the Benedictine monastery and take walks in forest nearby.
The teaching in the monastery’s old library and the accommodation in the simple monk cells gives a special flavour to the writing retreat.


  • 6 days Writing Retreat.
  • 5 nights, full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner), in a single or double room with private bathroom.
  • Spa package: Entrance to spa, vital centre, thermal pools, gym, towels and robe.

Not Included

  • Flights to/from Venice.
  • Transport to/from Venice airport (approx. one hour by bus or train).
  • Extra spa treatments.

Kristin and Merle welcome you to another of their exceptional writing and self-discovery experiences!

Sign Up

PLACE: Abano Terme, Italia
PRICE: 850 euro. Full board in dbl room. Single suppl. 100 euro.

INFORMATION: info@kristinflood.com – merle@merlelevin.com
SUBSCRIPTION: info@kristinflood.com