Write your Way In

PLACE: The charging station, Tønsberg Brygge.



A weekend writing workshop with facilitated by Internationally acclaimed writers, Merle Levin and Kristin Flood

You are invited to dive into a life-changing weekend, focusing on the power of what free and spontaneous writing can open up in you. This is not your everyday writing course.  This is an immersion into writing and self-enquiry tools that will help you unlock your soul; connect to “your one wild and precious life” – to quote the words of poet Mary Oliver.

The course leaders will share their thirty years of writing, publishing experience and spiritual development. The combination of practical exercises will create a climate that feels safe and inspires and opens new perspectives. An exceptionally fun and creative process.

Research has shown that this form of creative writing has a powerfully healing effect on the body and soul.

“Write you way In” courses were among the first writing courses Merle and Kristin facilitated in Norway when they began teaching together in 2002. They have been running courses and retreats consistently every year since, in Norway, Italy, France and South Africa.

What can you expect to experience on the course?

  • A meeting with yourself in a new way.
  • Connection to your inner, authentic writing voice
  • An awareness of what stops you from being truly yourself.
  • How to use mindfulness meditation tools to deepen your self-awareness.

The writing method is exploratory. It is not about gaining writing techniques; it is about discovering who you are and how to express that in the most honest and authentic way.

“Writing is refined thinking” Stephen King says. The course is for anyone who thinks! It is not about being perfect. It is about navigating around the voices that sabotage our creativity. It is about finding the “original voice” within you that is connected to the truth of who you are and what you uniquely bring to your life and world.

Nothing during the course is evaluated and nothing is commented on. This is a weekend of self-discovery by you and for you in the company of like-minded explorers

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