Sitting on the Stoep Podcast

Episode One: What it means to sit on the stoep

In this episode Merle and Simone chat about what it means to sit on the stoep – what happens when we let ourselves be still; listen; observe. We discuss navigating change, the power of turning inwards and giving your inner voice the space to be heard. Can you fine-tune your listening skills? Can you build your capacity to be present and truly hear your inner voice and unlock the secrets to “what nourishes you on a soul level”?

“The power of silence brings transformation and clarity in people’s lives” – Merle Levin

“The future is unknown but it gives many hints and we only get a sense of those hints when we are very still and fully in the present” – Merle Levin

We invite you to take some time now and come and sit on the stoep with us.

Merle and Simone met on a creative course and quickly bonded over their shared interest in spirituality, writing and mindfulness. With a thirty-year age gap, their friendship provides insights into the different phases of life, the challenges unique to each but also the commonality in life.

“Sitting on the Stoep” is a courageous discussion on mindfulness, life and lessons learnt along the way.

Episode 02: Soft Resillience

“We thought we had the perfect plan and it was completely upheaved…”

With the Lagoon House sold, and Merle and Jeff in limbo waiting for the Village House purchase, Stanford is hit by the worst flood in memory – flooding Village House to roof height along with a hundred other homes in the small Overberg village. What happens when you give up the ‘dream house’ in pursuit of a more connected life and the new plan throws its own curve ball. We Sit on the Stoep of the Lagoon Beach House for one of the last times and discuss what happens when life calls on you to switch things up- and the resilience it takes to face that chance.

Join us for Merle’s latest podcast on Soft Resilience and learn about Merle & Jeff’s Mantra “We’re not going to get sick over “Wêreld Se Goed” (Things of the World). We invite you to take some time now and come and sit on the stoep with us.

Episode 03: The Importance of What is Lost & Found

Join us as Merle reads an extract from her upcoming memoir! During the upheaval of the move from the Beach House to the Village House, Merle loses an item of significant sentimental value, “gone to the cemetery of adorned discards, the tortuous part of moving home.” “I forgot to go slow because I was so busy going RUSH. Now I am suffering.” We invite you to take some time now and come and sit on the stoep with us as we touch on themes of #loss #upheavel #grandparenting #teens #movinghouse #selfdiscovery #busyness #mindfulness #writing #writingmemoir and more.

Episode 04: Living a Love-Led Life

In this special episode, Merle is joined by Gro Wickstrom, all the way from Norway. Through her ongoing journey into self-discovery, bubbly and warm Gro has learnt how to accept “that I’m not too much, I just am.” Gro has built a beautiful life and a successful career doing what she loves, engaging with people and travelling the world by following her heart. For anyone struggling with feeling like their exuberance and passion is ‘too much’ for the people around them, click play and join Merle and Gro’s discussion on when to dim down our inner headlights, and when to let them shine. Merle and Gro also discuss the draw of South Africa and why Gro loves it here. Merle and Gro first met on one of Merle’s writing retreats held in southern Norway, and again at a silent retreat in Italy also hosted by Merle. The two have stayed in contact for many years and look forward to developing future workshops and projects together. Watch this space!

*Apologies for the change in Audio towards the end of the video, we were so happily chatting that our mic couldn’t keep up.*

The Mystic Poets


Merle invites you to join her for two, life-changing hours to dip and bathe in the sweet essence of these enduring love songs.Let them be the finger that points to the moon.


WHEN KABIR SHOWS HOW A SIMPLE CLAY JUG HOLDS “ALL SEVEN OCEANS AND A HUNDRED MILLION STARS” YOU CAN TASTE THE ESSENTIAL NATURE OF THE TRUTH. It is said that a poet is one who hears God’s whisper and wakes up. Merle’s love of these poets has infused her life. She kneads Rumi into her sourdough loaves; she digs Hafiz into her cabbages; she sprinkles Kabir into her face cream and he rests in her wrinkles.

Book cover mystic poets



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