“You are so cool, warm and inspiring! You share so much of yourself, invite us in and create that good interaction between you. Very, very good. Nourishing for the soul.”


The Journey

The Journey

Born in South Africa, I lived in Canada for 30 years, then returned to be a part of the...

Life Alignment

Developed by Jeff Levin DNM (Doctor of Natural Medicine in 1991.  This healing method is taught globally. It works with the inner bio computer to bring health and wellbeing at physical, mental and spiritual dimensions of being. Vortex Technology accompanies the technique to support the system.



Currently I am co-writing a series of books “Small Steps” with Dr. Anne Faugli, a Norwegian child psychiatrist.  These will include, stories, exercises and meditations for children.


Each day is a new beginning, each breath is a new beginning. I work with a method to help you connect to the body, the breath and the sense of connection to the truth of who you are.


To meet the “toomuchery” of life with new perspective.
To bathe in the joy of breathing Mindfully, moving Mindfully, speaking and eating Mindfully.


Is there an authentic writing voice? And if so, how to find it? This is the essence of what I teach.  That Yes, there is an authentic and original writing voice that is the essence of You.

Coming Soon – At Home with Merle


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