Meet Merle

 I have taught and co-facilitated workshops and retreats internationally, for the past 16 years on the art and intuitive science of writing; the power of silence; the rewards of intuition. I have sat with the San Bushmen in the Kalahari desert, listened to their ancient songs and stories and have become impacted by indigenous wisdom. I have written and co-written books about my understanding of it. I have grown an acorn of an idea of a children’s storybook for my grandson into an oak tree project that has distributed hundreds of thousands of books to children in refugee camps.

I have been a student of meditation for almost 50 years yet each day reminds me that I am just a beginner.

Everything I teach Or Write Is From Expereince


For the past 16 years, I have taught creative writing workshops across Europe, Scandinavia, South Africa, Israel, and Canada. I have written three children’s books.  “Listenbear” was published by Save the Children and World Vision International, and used for refugees in the Syria project. I published non-fiction “Spurensiche” 2001 by eFeF Verlag, Switzerland. I am  a member of The Society of Authors UK and Canadian Authors Assn and a Canada Council for the Arts recipient (2012). I have published and read my work on CBC’s  “First Person Singular.” I’ve co-produced three CD’s of Children’s stories.

What matters to Merle


Currently I am co-writing a series of books “Small Steps” with Dr. Anne Faugli, a Norwegian child psychiatrist.  These will include, stories, exercises and meditations for children.


Each day is a new beginning, each breath is a new beginning. I work with a method to help you connect to the body, the breath and the sense of connection to the truth of who you are.


To meet the “toomuchery” of life with new perspective.
To bathe in the joy of breathing Mindfully, moving Mindfully, speaking and eating Mindfully.


Is there an authentic writing voice? And if so, how to find it? This is the essence of what I teach.  That Yes, there is an authentic and original writing voice that is the essence of You.