For the past 16 years I have been teaching together with my Norwegian colleague, Kristin Flood. Together we have developed a wide scope of workshops and courses, always with the mandate to use our tool of this mysterious writing process, to assist people to connect to their authentic “writing voice“.

We have used the mix of Norwegian and English; the polarities of North and South; the differences of our personalities and backgrounds to enrich the learning field.

The story of our meeting has mythical undertones. It was born out of a blend of indigenous wisdom and the courage to explore new landscapes both inner and outer. We found each other through the gentle prod of a shamanic African medicine man, a Sangoma, who read in the animal bones he threw, that I would work in Norway and that this portended a change of life direction for me. He was right. I left the session with him and called the only Norwegian I had ever met, a writer like myself, who I had met in Cape Town while she spent a 6 month sojourn at the tip of Africa with her young son. I called her in Venice where she lived and told her of my unusual session. Then said “What do you think Kristin?” She laughed and did not take too long to say “Let’s try an experiment”.

 “Write your way in”

We took a great leap of faith and decided to try to teach a workshop together in Oslo. This was 2002. The rest as they say…is history. Thousands of our students have joined our journey of self-discovery – through “Write your way in” workshops;cultural immersion, “Write and Travel” workshops in Venice, the French Pyrenees, and South Africa; “Write and Spa” retreats in Italy and our “Caos Calmo” Silent Retreats in Italy and Norway.  Always is the undergirding message: You are born to this discovery of your truth; use the tool of writing to refine your sense of who you are by discovering your “original voice.”

To say that I am deeply grateful for Kristin Flood’s dedication to this journey is an understatement.  I feel we have opened worlds to each other and have discovered how to mix oil and water into a froth of inspiration for others. This has been the meme of each new workshop we’ve created together. If it works, great, if not we’ll try something else – anything we can think of to help people come home to the truth of themselves. Every workshop we teach is new and reworked to include the most current inner work we are each doing on ourselves.

We have both studied meditation for many years with great masters and are currently enrolled in MBSR programs that will give us certification to teach this approach.