The Dutch have managed to name a state of being that I am in love with today.

It’s a word that explains exactly how it feels to be turning 70 – tomorrow.  One last day in the republic of sixty nine. Tomorrow I will finally have grown up.  No more asking permission for anything ever again in my whole wide life.

Giving myself a big fat y!es to sink into a place of going nowhere, doing nothing, just when I feel a hunch to do so. Why the hell not?

I know, I’ll call it “mindfulness” niksenness and then I will feel I am doing something useful.

I’m going to head allout niksen – to a state of nowhere that lives everywhere and is waiting in the wings of every busy moment of every busy rushing pushing striving thought and action of every day.

Hello sun stream, I love how you warm my bones

Hello heartsmile  you beam out of me whenever I think of Safia, my little cartwheeling, unicorn.

Hello lovely family with all your warts and wishes, do you know how I love you?

Hello you growling old coffee pot, sending naughty erotic fragrance into the new morning air.

Is it true Mom, that this daughter of yours looking into this mirror is really turning Seven O? Can you believe it? From your side of the veil? What do you have to say to me today?

What does it really mean to grow eld? ‘Specially when I still feel so fledge?

Siri, would you happen to know p’raps?

The gaps you say? Mind the Gaps? Oh yes, the gaps…

Breathe in… gap; breathe out…gap. Is this what you mean?

Always there, never noticed. Mind the gap. Be the gap in the state of niksen?

Gotcha! I think I will go out and have one hellava sixty ninth day. Doing niks, going nada, thinking thoughts of nothing but how wonderful to be alive in an era where I can sit in a secluded house up a mountain in the South of France and connect with the world through my fingers.