I drove out early in the morning to my sister’s place – Caledon, 2 hours out of Cape Town, and stopped at the service centre on the highway near Somerset West. When I walked in, I was warmly, smilingly, laughingly greeted by the staff filling the petrol, and the waiters at the Wimpy where I decided to coffee. Everyone so warm and friendly. What a special day. “This stuff works!” I thought. Must be the meditation, the book by the Dalai Lama I am reading, my Kabbalah studies. Then the local police force arrived for their morning cuppa – about 12 hulking men with guns in their halters. They grinned at me, smiled a good morning as they passed me reading the Cape Times. “Gosh. This stuff really works! Everyone is so nice to me! Maybe I AM as special as I think I am!”

It wasn’t until I reached the bathroom sink to wash my hands that I realized the formula behind the friendliness pouring in my direction on this special day. It actually is able to be bottled! I had forgotten to take out the 4 rollers in my hair I had hurriedly stuck in before leaving my flat.