Why do some people suddenly jump into consciousness? I’m thinking about this because of something that happened to me this morning.  I awoke thinking strongly of a man I met 15 years ago. I have not thought about him in as much.

He was a very unusual politician with a wide, world view. He did not take a state salary, held several significant portfolios in the Mubarak government and personally signed thousands of letters every night. People regarded him as a father and wrote to him about their personal problems. My husband had been invited to offer him some therapeutic healing as he had had health problems that no-one could cure.

We were swept into Egypt from Israel in secrecy and taken in a curtained Mercedes to his apartment to meet him. In the car our guide prepared us for meeting him by telling us some of his attributes. He had never been married and had devoted his entire life to service of his country. He was a close friend of Pope John, Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama and had an intimate knowledge of not only the Koran, but the Torah and the New Testament. He spoke many languages and could recite the great teachings and poetry by heart. He held at least 8 Phd’s. I’m sure there are many accolades we did not get to hear about.

He held my hand in his and greeted us warmly. He had the gentlest eyes I have ever seen. They radiated his love of people and his faith in humanity.  He spoke of his dreams of world peace.

This man lived simply, he did not have a government driver and car, his apartment was sparse. Chairs lined the edges of his living room. I sat in one while Jeff worked on him for a couple of hours. In that time as i nibbled on figs and turkish delight sweets, I occasionally saw his male secretary, and heard the phone ringing incessantly.
When he emerged from his session with Jeff, he asked if he could invite his family to come over. It was 1am, and slowly a stream of smiling people began to arrive for treatments with this healing man who had come from Israel. They took us into their hearts and invited us into their homes. We dreamed of being able to visit each other on a regular basis – world peace at our fingertips. We left laden with gifts and food and returned to Tel Aviv. That was our brief contact with him and his family.

I woke up with a jolt this morning and searched his name on google to try to discover why I had dreamed of him so vividly. I read that he has been imprisoned, awaiting trial for corruption. For this reason I will not mention his name. I send prayers out to this man, who had such a vision for peace and lived with such integrity. I think of Dr. Hew Len (mentioned in previous blogs) who healed his patients without seeing them, by working on himself. Today I dedicate myself to holding this great man, this gentle giant in my heart and to serve him by attending to my life as impeccably as I can. The picture of him being shuttled to prison saddens me. I feel sure he is not guilty of what they accuse him of, that his cry for peace is being stamped on by aggressive boots. And I have to ask myself in the face of the unanswerable: How can I make a difference? Where am I stamping out the cry for peace in my life, my family? What parts of my heart have hardened?