VUpdate on my mom Celia’s health
I have decided to use this forum to keep updates on my mom’s health.  She has been discharged from hospital in Cape Town and has gone to stay with Yigal at my sister in Caledon.  She has 24 hour nursing care, is still struggling with the effects of pneumonia and emphysema and the difficulty to breathe .  At this time she is oxygen dependent. Her sense of humour is as ever, right on track.  Her determination to keep going is enormous.  She is surrounded by loving care.
I,together with her and the rest of the family made a decision to come to the UK to attend a Ridhwan retreat  Jeff and I had committed to attend a year ago. It allows me to know even more fully, how connection is not time nor place dependent. I am as close to her in my heart as I would be sitting beside her bed, holding her small, cold hand.
It is a gift to know I hold a silver thread – Hebrew “chut hashani” between our heart’s and universal light of god’s healing power.