It’s a plant that grows wild in these parts. It has stunning, daily, colour-changing-flowers, starting with deep mauve, then a lighter lavender and finally white. Each day different. Much like the colour of my mom’s cheeks, these past days. Brunfelsia pauciflora ‘Eximia’ is the flower’s fancy name. Her doctors have their own fancy names. It’s a relief to have a fancy name – you automatically assume there will be another medication thrown into the cocktail to be flushed down the drip. Drip drip into her tired vein. This is the miracle one that will bring the white back to deep mauve.

She’s rallied, that tired old fighter mom of mine. She’s back – kibbitzing with the staff, chiding the specialist for being too busy. Nick, she says, calling him by the name no-one else dares to. Nick, stop ignoring me so much! Would you do this to your mom? She says as he pokes and probes. Wanna dance? She asks as he tries to get her moving in her bed. You can see he loves her. She’s the quintessential Jewish Bobba everyone wants. She’s back! He says, winking as he dashes out the ward, his IPad blinking.
Today’s a light lavender day . Tomorrow? Alls I know is it’s going to be followed by another yesterday.