Old data or inspiration?

Dr. Hew Len suggests we are carrying around in our databank, an inordinate amount of old junk that needs to be cleaned out if we want to live a happy and fulfilled life.  He says that any problem that arises, does so because somewhere in the memory bank is the residue of that issue.  It can be cleaned out.  It must be cleaned out!  He says we have a mortgage on our souls.  This amount of old data that sits there, waiting to be triggered in a flash. One way of tackling this propensity to go to the old rather than the new is to make a choice in the moment: old data or inspiration.  I’ve been practicing this technique diligently over these past months.  I have a lot to keep me up at nights and they do.

Now what? Go to the anxiety, the “stuff” that screams at me all night long? Or go for break: inspiration here I come!

And so I do.  I take my cuppa tea, the candles, the anything to help me shift from old to new.  Writing is a great tool, a wonderful way to refine the thinking, to help the inspiration wedge its toe through the door.   I sit and write.  What?  Words, then sentences, then anything that comes.  Anything to shift my perspective from the old to the new.

I ask questions – I have a great list of them if you want, just ask me for them.

My husband Jeff and I have developed, what we call a Life Map (watch this space), which we would love to share freely with you.  It really helps.

The key is to ask the “field” around you for help and see what rushes in to support.

I am in the current cycle of “many worries”.  I know it will pass, but right now I am in the thick of it.  But the “many worries” do not occupy all of my head space, even though they battle to.  No folks, here’s the good news…there are lots of other empty rooms in the house – always.  They just need to be explored a bit, unpacked, dusted out.  Writing helps – what a gift to midwife inspiration.  So here is my tip for the day:

Write 10 questions.  Not for answers, just for the sake of questioning.  Ask without concern for answers.  Ask without concern for how profound or mundane.  Just ask.  Write them down.

Then follow with 10 affirmations:  I can.

Do this, shut the book, take a deep breath and start your day.