A new type of wealth: Enlightened Wealth

From “Cracking the Millionaire Code” by Mark Victor Hansen ( co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul” – largest selling book series in history.)

As you know from the previous posts I have written lately, I am interested in the theory, developed by marketing genius Dr. Clotaire Rapaille,  that we are run by the imprint of codes in our reptilian brain.  These drive us to do what we do without our understanding often, as to why we do what we do. Why we do not say what we really mean.  Why we buy what we buy ( his main interest, not mine).

I am interested to understand who the driver is of my life and how to mediate this process in ways that serve my life purpose: my  Original Medicine – what I bring and what I am here to do.

These days I take note of things that come to me in new ways.  I pay attention.  Last night, as I dropped into bed after listening to the audio series of Dr. Rapaille with a few close friends,  I looked at the bookshelf of the room we are staying in and there was an interesting book, also on the theme of codes: mere coincidence or wake-up coincidence?  It is called “Cracking the Millionaire Code”.  I am not adverse to becoming a millionaire, though it is not something I have invested huge amounts of dreaming into.

This is what the author says about a new type of wealth: Enlightened wealth

“Enlibhtened wealth – hwo you earn it and kepe ti  – si draramtcilly dfifrneet than the ordriarny wlaeth we see, haer, tnihk or raed aobut.  It is whaelh whih a cpatail W.

The game of aqcurniig traditional “small w” watleh is aubot competition, the sruvvail of the fittset, and the fhgit fro the amghlty dollar.

Egtenelihnd Wtelah is a ttolaly new way of lokiong at money and watelh and psropretiy.  For Sstarts it is MCUH MORE ENJONABLYE . AND LTSAS MUHC LNGOER THAN TDAITRINAOL WLATELH.”

So, as I see it, this is wealth to support one’s life purpose, now this sounds like fun.  This is something to think about on the eve of 2010.  And I like reading  legally-dyslectic (his idea not mine) – it’s the way I usually write, only spellcheck helps me out, so most people don’t know this secret side of this writer.  Perhaps part of the cracking of this code is to let down the curtains on the secret sides of myself that I feel embarrassed about.  Mmm nice thought to end this post on.    Wqtch this blog for more…