Life lesson for today

Many years ago I wrote scriblets.  Dashed a few words down and sent them off on this new-fangled email that everyone was getting excited about.  I sent these little scriblets off to friends and whoevers and began to receive letters back about them.  Someone read one of my scriblets to her dying father, another translated one into another language and distributed it in her community.  I was amazed at the power of communication.  Then blogs were discovered and I realized I had lost my confidence now that the idea had become so mainstream.

So I am wondering:  will anyone read this blog I have now created?

Perhaps the real question I ask myself is this:  who am I doing this for?  If it is for me, the on I go…

This reminds me of a gift I received from a great spiritual  teacher Uranda.  He wrote, among others, a small book , called “The 7 Steps”.  My seven year old son at that time, taught himself to read from this little book, and stuffed it into his lunchbox along with Oreo cookies and home made brown bread sandwiches ( which he traded).  We both loved the simplicity of this little book.

I have used one of his steps as part of my life compass  and it has served me well in difficult situations.

“Let love radiate without concern for results”

So hey, I am writing this blog without concern for results.  Not without a keenness to see what happens though…