Write Your Truth

“If you surrender to the air you can ride it”  Toni Morrison.

This is a website of creative ideas and tools for you to deepen your sense of who you are. Tools designed to take you to the edge of your comfort zone – the place where new thinking meets new feeling meets new ideas. Tools that include a creative writing method that is wild and free; meditation methods that are simple to master; an invitation to experience the soft embrace of silence; writing for a special child and anything else that is current and juicy and jumps out of Merle’s messy-method box.

Its about the freedom to jump on your bike and freewheel to anywhere.

Why Merle?

Talking about Merle is not my favorite thing to do. I would much rather sit and listen to you. 

But… since you have clicked on this page… you might be thinking about signing up for a creative writing course – in Hermanus or Norway or Venice? Or a “Write and Travel” workshop in  Venice or the French Pyrenees, or Israel, or Canada or Hermanus? Or perhaps you have picked up a book I have written or collaborated on?  Or heard about Listenbear and how his story has reached children in refugee camps? Maybe you have heard about  “Merle’s Messy Method” for mind-free writing? How about nibbled on a clove of “black garlic” I have fermented or dipped into my famous homemade Irish Cream whiskey? Or maybe you have heard of my husband and his development of “Life Alignment Technique”…

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Happy Customers

“I love how the “Messy Method” you have introduced me to has changed the way I write. Now I see it’s not about being the “good writer”. It is about playing with mud pies like I used to do as a child. Suddenly I have found a new voice inside me that loves to write.”

Kristina Evans,


“I like the way you taught us writing and meditation as a practise of concentration on the breath. This practise has helped me develop both skills and to see how the one supports the other. My writing block has relaxed and my meditation practise has deepened.”

Shoshana Gabai


“Your workshop has led me to the mysteries of my own soul. Thank you”

Jessica G

London UK

Our Blog

“The Examined Life”

Inspired by the book "The gentle art of Swedish Death Cleaning" By Margareta Magnusson. I came to the book  on döstädning after a conversation with some of my Norwegian students.  I was impressed by how easily the topic of death cleaning slipped into conversation over...

Beats me

Apologies. I can’t be long. I need to buy a drum. There are no djembe drums from West Africa, looking for new owners in my new, rural community. Since I arrived home last night, my fingers are tapping everything in sight – kitchen counter, bed sheets, oatmeal pot half...

Beach Calligraphy

A washout of creativity and fun. This year is my first Fynarts experience as I am a newbie to Hermanus; a recent transplant from the roadrace and brightlights of Sea Point. I am slowly finding waze to meet local people and add my spice to the mix. Fynarts seemed a...