Merle and Listen Bear

The Blackbird and her lessons

Merle meaning Blackbird, the wise and mystical guide. The Blackbird is symbolic of higher ideals, a higher path of knowing. Using the power of words to implement change through trust, and our commitment to learning and understanding its wisdom.

The Blackbird heralds a message from the ancestors, and is a positive and optimistic agent of change helping us to navigate our potential to transition and transformation.



Engage with age, embracing the Third Third

Embracing The Third Third, Recognising what a gift we are to our family, community and to the world.

This is the harvest phase of life where we become the teller and take a  considered and thinking approach to peacefulness which isn’t goal oriented or challenging.  Where all the ingredients of your life come together and simply be, a process whereby we digest and take form without the pressure of time and expectation. Now we have the deep roots giving us the security and freedom to trust and to be excited and optimistic, to have adventures, and to free yourself of  the fear of needing to impress or to do. 

The Third Third is about taking control of your future and not allowing it to become something that merely happens to you. 




Listenbear teaches Children how to bear the unbearable

Listenbear is a hand embroidered bear, made in South Africa. He is the hero of his story. In the book “Listenbear learns the Trees’ Secret”

he is told by the old growth trees:

“Bad things happen, they just do…But you are still you…And, No-one can ever take your smile away from you.”

He is taught a meditation technique that is easy and fun: “Close your eyes and smile”

I just absolutely love this audio book by Merle Levin my daughter falls asleep to it every single time, it’s real magic and such a beautiful story. I have sent to all my nearest and dearest to play to their children, it’s a real treasure. The book has been distributed to thousands of children in refugee camps.

 Roxanne H.

For you to listen, enjoy & experience


Currently I am co-writing a series of books “Small Steps” with Dr. Anne Faugli, a Norwegian child psychiatrist.  These will include, stories, exercises and meditations for children.


Each day is a new beginning, each breath is a new beginning. I work with a method to help you connect to the body, the breath and the sense of connection to the truth of who you are.


To meet the “toomuchery” of life with new perspective.
To bathe in the joy of breathing Mindfully, moving Mindfully, speaking and eating Mindfully.


Is there an authentic writing voice? And if so, how to find it? This is the essence of what I teach.  That Yes, there is an authentic and original writing voice that is the essence of You.