Merle Levin

An overview of workshops by Merle

Here is a short overview of the different workshops I facilitate, often with my Norwegian colleague, bestselling author, Kristin Flood

“Write your way in”

A weekend introduction to the “Mind Free”writing method and
approach to writing. Introduction to the concept of Original Medicine.
Write your way into your inner genius –focusing on the work and writings of Leonardo da
Vinci and William Shakespeare. Deepening your connection to Original Medicine.

1 Week Silent Retreat
Caos Calmo – The power of Silence to take 360 degree perspective. These are held twice a
year at a magnificent 17th Century monastery near Thiene, Italy. We have been holding
these for the past 15 years.

Write and Travel:
We have selected venues with rich local culture, history and natural beauty to inspire the
writing current.
• Walk in the footsteps of the great writers: Venice
• Unlock your own Leonardo Code: Venice and Milan
• Write your way into the Mysteries of the Pyrenees, Renne le Chateau, France
• Whales and Wildflowers at the Cape, Hermanus near Cape Town
• Walk the Pilgrims’ Path and write: Granavolden, Norway
• Connect to your inner wild animal – Writing Safari Kenya
• Writing Body Mind and Soul at Abano Terme Thermal Spa, Montegrotto, Italy.

Take time to focus on a Writing Project
This is for serious writers who are working on a project. We draw on the power of Mt. Etna,
and spend focused writing hours, in the small village where DH Lawrence wrote “Lady
Chatterley’s Lover: Sicily
This retreat is held twice a year.
Please check my website for dates and more in-depth information