Some years ago I taught a cooking class at our Natural Health Centre in Toronto (a centre my husband Jeff Levin and I ran for 15 years.) I called it Healthy Cooking on the Run. I was inspired to share the healthy recipe’s I had learned over the years, which were easy and quick to prepare.

Now that I have a lovely kitchen in my new flat in Sea Point,  Cape Town, overlooking the frothing Atlantic, I am once again inspired to share some of my cooking genius (move over Mr. Oliver) with the world.  Watch this space for more information and in the meantime, enjoy a couple of favorite tips:

  • Add a sour green apple to chicken soup stock.
  • Roast sesame seeds with sea salt  (approx 8 to one) then grind them up,  to make a lovely gomaccio salt  topping that sprinkles on everything.
  • Three essentials in my kitchen:  a Vita Mix (blender with a lawn-mower engine!), waterless cookware and a great knife.


This past week my 9 year old grandson Kieron, his friend Phoenix and I watched Masterchef Australia.  Inspired, we created Masterchef Cape Town and they prepared a feast from scratch to great excitement.  We made omlettes, salads, mashed potatoes, pancakes, brownies and outrageous ginger lemonade – all their own creations.  Made me think this could be a fun school holidays project.
Watch this space