What is Merle’s Messy Method

F’sure it’s not the tidy,  approved-by-school-teachers-and-other-grown-ups, mind.

This is an early mind. The one we had before all that schooling we underwent for improvement.   This is the one that baked mud pies, sloshed in mud puddles, drew pictures in clouds and was a movie star who could French-kiss for an hour.  This is the mind that paints trees blue just because they want to be.  This mind makes up new words every day  (Shakespeare’s record is 17 new words a day).  This is a mind that lets a story start and end wherever it darn-well wants to.  It’s a mind that listens with inside ears.

It’s a  mind that’s honest.  A courageous mind that goes fear-wards, into the heart of the very  things lurking in our memory bank that we don’t want to write about and writes it free.  Why?  Because of the energy locked up in those experiences, that bring freedom.  Freedom to be authentic.

This is the “Leonardo Mind”  (not afraid to invent a helicopter before anyone can even dream of flying).  What is the source of Leonardo da Vinci’s genius?  How to activate our own  Renaissance minds?  It is said that Leonardo threw open the shutters of his window every day, took a deep breath of Renaissance air and sat down and wrote a hundred questions,  Not for answers, purely for the joy of questioning.  In my Messy Method I say…sit yourself down, preferably first thing in the morning when your mind is fresh with dream-like memories and write at least 10  questions.  Every  day.  The questions can be anything from  “What shall I cook for supper tonight?” to  “what does this day hold for me?”,  “Why am I here?”, “What do I bring?”.  Don’t think about it too much, let the questions just arrive.  List them from 1 – 10.  Remember, they are not questions that demand answers.  These are questions purely for the joy of awakening the curiously,  messy mind.

Modern brain research is a fascinating field.   I read a paper published in the New York Times.  In it the researcher said this:
Old habits are deeply imprinted highways in the brain.  They cannot be removed.  We should give up  paying so much attention to getting rid of them.
 Simply create NEW  habits to run along side them.  This is the essence of what the Messy Method speaks to.  A way to allow back that wild, creative mind that did not walk in straight lines, but rather crawled in and out of crevices, curious to explore.

This is a “letting” method” more than a “doing” method.

This is the way I love to dress (mmm let’s start with a scarf…), cook, write, decorate my home and even meditate.  What fun it is to be able to share this with you.

Old habits are deeply imprinted highways in the brain. They cannot be removed. We should give up paying so much attention to getting rid of them.
Simply create NEW habits to run along side them.

From an article on Brain research in the New York Times