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“Leonardo da Vinci" Inspiration in Italy

Welcome to our upcoming International event in Venice,

Faclitators: writer KRISTIN FLOOD and writer MERLE LEVIN

A weekend event where we will gather as an intimate group (12 +1) to have a unique experience  of one of the world’s most famous paintings, Leonardo da Vinci’s “Last Supper”.  This experience will be held in the Renaissance atmosphere of Venice and we will include a day tour to Milan to visit the painting.
In these three days, we will get to know one of the biggest multi artists in history. We will  delve into his life, his upbringing, his work and most exciting, his Renaissance mind.  We will explore this dimension through a short and intense experience of his genius as we examine his paintings, his engineering brilliance  and his codici – the many notebooks he filled with his writings, his musings and sketches.
In Venice we are guests in a small private, palazzo, Ca della Corte. This boutique hotel has been beautifully restored and we will be hosted by owner Catherina, whose hospitality is gracious and welcoming.  It is located in the Dorso Duro area of Venice,  where students and artists live and work.
Our teaching will happen in a beautiful room in the piano nobile of the Palazzo.

November is a special time to visit Venice.  There are not many tourists around and even the St Marks Church does not have long queues.  In the evening there is a special silence in the narrow streets and we can hear our own footsteps walking over the beautiful small bridges. If we are lucky, we will have fog and we’ll feel as if we are in a movie set of the Death in Venice or the Merchant of  Venice.  Kristin Flood has lived here for 20 years and will take us on an amazing night walk to see the hidden streets of Venice.

We invite you to join us in this soulful and spiritual experience of Art.  What does this mean?  It means, connecting to the soul of Leonardo through his unique and brilliant, diamond-mind that shimmers with curiosity.  It means, that through this connection, you will have the opportunity to connect to your soul, your Renaissance mind and your curiosity.  To look beyond what you normally see and go behind the surface and explore.

Cost: €850 including (shared) accommodation and the trip to Milan. Bed and breakfast. Does not include meals. Includes transport and entrance to the museum
Kristin Flood and Merle Levin