Write and Travel

Write and Travel workshops: Introduction and Testimonials

For the past 12 years, Merle Levin and Kristin Flood have been facilitating writing workshops and retreats in Norway, France and Italy.  They  both have a passion for travel and exploration and love to use the richness of the environment to inspire their own writing and the writing of their students.  This requires being open and observant, seeing with the eyes of a writer,  and being willing to allow the georgraphy, history and architectural beauty of the place, as well as the indigenous culture of it’s people, to impact them in a soulful way.  They have selected sites that have particular beauty and history to facilitate this process.


Thank you for the wonderful days in writing in the Pyrenees. I have never been involved in anything like this. It was magical, evocative, challenging, and incredibly informative. You and Merle were wonderful teachers. I liked their program very much and I will be happy to recommend this on!

Kari-Anne Lervåg Jonsson


Thanks for the wonderful days in the Pyrenees. The mysteries, words, Henry, the food, atmosphere, wine, sun, friendship, the stars, Mary Magdalene and the eagles’ world. They give energy and courage - and also enough words to fill a small book. Thanks for inspiring "teachers" and for all of you! We all contribute to each other’s welfare.

Torill Stokkan


Thank you for lthis workshop.  The days were full and rich. I see that you offer a very valuable and special concept.  I think that more people would love this summer trip. A special and exclusive gift we have given to ourselves.

Grete Anna Vangen


Thanks for a great course. It was life-giving and rejuvenating and I charged up both body and soul, with good human encounters and interesting content.

Its Hanne Andresen

Currently we offer Writing retreats in the following settings:

Write and Travel In a live monastery at the
foothills of the Italian
Alps - a week long Silent
Write and Travel In the French Pyrenees - a
weekend workshop on
Historical Research and
Intuitive Writing
Write and Travel In Venice - a weekend
workshop peering into the
soul of Leonardo da
Vinci’s brilliance and
Renaissance mind.
Write and Travel In various unique
locations in Norway -
Weekend writing