Silence Retreats

Silent Retreats in Italy (Caos Calmo) and Trondheim, Norway.

We offer 3 different Silent Retreats:
One week in Italy: Caos Calmo.
"A Longer Journey" (Step 2).
Three day retreat in Norway, Trondheim.

Info on pdf, see bottom of page

Facilitators: writer MERLE LEVIN and writer KRISTIN FLOOD


A moment of silence is a moment of purification.  To be silent for several days is an exciting inner journey. Something deep within us is touched. We nourish ourselves in a new way. Our sensory perception is sharpened and we get more in touch with our sensations, intuition and our inner voice and at times, with something holy or sacred.

In this retreat, some central days are set aside for total silence. It is a deep and rich life-experience to be together with others in silence.  When we are together without speaking, other channels of communication are opened. To be together in this way is a rare and unique experience.  We expand our presence and we gain respect for what we do and for others who do the same.

In Italy we are guests at a beautiful monastery in the foothills of the Italian Alps in the area of Vicenza about an hour from Venice airport and an hour and half from Bergamo airport (where many cheap charters fly to). The main activity of the nuns is prayer and they pray constantly day and night. During our stay they dedicate part of their prayers to our work and to us.  This has a strong effect on us as guests and assists us in our opening up to a deeper connection with the silent field within us and without. The result is that we start looking at our lives and where we are with a new and clear vision.  It becomes easier to make important decisions.  Therefore to be in silence in a living monastery is a rare opportunity and cannot be compared to being on a silent retreat in an old building that once was used as a monastery.
The nuns serve simple Italian homemade food with wine included in the dining hall in the main building.  All meals are included in the price.
We stay in the conference facility close to the main house, where the rooms are simple, beautiful and clean.  Everyone has his or her ensuite bathroom.  We recommend staying in a single room, but doubles are also possible.  The monastery grounds have a large park with a pilgrims’ path Via Dolorosa and a beautiful view of the Alps close by.

The days are made up of gatherings, teaching, meditation, mindfullness exercises and free time. We invite the participants to use writing to observe their inner process.
Most of the participants are Norwegians, since Kristin Flood is a well known Norwegian author, but the teaching will be in English and Norwegian.
The silent retreat is confirmed only once we have 12 people signed up, therefore we recommend that you do not buy your flight ticket until we confirm with you.

In Norway in Trondheim, we are in a beautiful monastery, quiet and set apart.  This is a shorter, four day retreat for those who do not wish to travel to Italy.  Please see pdf for details in Norwegian for both retreats

See attached PDF


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Silent Retreat
Kristin Flood and Merle Levin
Welcome to an experience you will not forget