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“Listenbear learns the Trees’ Secret”  A story to help children bear the unbearable. Hand embroidered Bear + Book + CD
“Listenbear learns the Trees’ Secret” A story to help children bear the unbearable. Hand embroidered Bear + Book + CD

It is the story of a bear who grows a storycoat when he listens deeply to stories.  One day a fierce wind comes and blows his world apart, including his storycoat.  It leaves him feeling “all blown out empty, with nothing to do”.  A wise little bird tells him that “ even though the great wind blew, you are still you”.  He tries to humor him to get a sense of his inner strength.   He takes him to the forest where the old-growth trees were not blown down by the wind, and tells the bear to listen to the secret the trees have to tell him.  The secret is that when he is still, and listens to his inner peace, he will feel connected to the strength and solidity of the truth of life.  “Things happen as things do, but you are still you! ”  The trees teach him a simple little meditation technique called “close your eyes and smile”.  Listenbear discovers that through his connection with his inside smile, his world begins to piece itself together again – “the sky feels high, the sun feels fun, the trees feel free and I am happy to be me”  and when he listens, his storycoat grows back.  He ends the story by encouraging children to tell him their stories and he promises to listen to them.

She was commissioned to write and publish the  “Listenbear” by a Norwegian hospital, to be used for children who have been sexually abused.  She engaged a Disadvantaged Womens’ Township  project in Cape Town to make the Listenbears.

Save the Children Save the Children International have published the book under the title “Listendoll learns the trees’ secret” and it will be translated into many languages and distributed free to traumatized children world-wide.  Currently it is being translated into Hebrew and Arabic and will be distributed as a peace bear project.

A percentage of all sales of bears and books returns to the bear project to provide for children in need.